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Welcome to Happy Pig Farms!  Our farm is home to 100% heritage pigs, Berkshire pigs, Angus, and Angus mixed cattle, meat and egg-laying chickens and Katahdin Sheep. Proudly pasture-raised and certified non-gmo. 

The heritage choice is simple- considered the "kobe beef" of pork, the proof is in it's tenderness, richness, marbling, and flavor. Originally bred centuries ago for the King of England, Berkshire pork has continued its legacy of being the best tasting and most sought after pork. Try it once and you'll never go back to "regular pork" again!

We are also proud to raise Angus & Angus mixed cattle that produce tender beef. Also pasture-raised and certified non-gmo. All of our beef is dry aged 21 days for extra tenderness.  

Our farm is located in Peachland, NC, and we service the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Find us at your local farmers market, or reach out to us below for orders!

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